Monday, November 12, 2012

Comparing Our Girls

Christie & Carol bc (before cancer)
My sister, Carol,  stopped by after work the day of my biopsy. I was still in shock and really scared. She has been through this journey herself and will finish chemo in mid-December. We sat on the couch going over the events and  I asked if she wanted to see my wounds. Now, we hadn't seen each other's chests since 1965 so this was an odd moment. But I lifted my shirt, tugged on my Genie Bra and proved to myself that this was not a dream (nightmare!). She winced at the sight of band-aids and bruises crisscrossing my breast. She said that after radiation my breast will be smaller than the other. "Do you want to see?", she offered. She lifted her shirt and Genie Bra to reveal her breasts and sure enough one was smaller. It was like we were looking in a mirror because our wounds were right across from each other (my left, her right), and in the same location. But more importantly, she could see how far she has come, from being bruised and battered. And I could see were I will be when my treatment is over, healed and healthy once more.