Thursday, November 15, 2012

Let's Get This Party Started

I got the call! I will start my first chemo on Friday, November 16th at 1:00 pm. I will have more details tomorrow. All of my labs, scans, and tests have come back clean. The pathology report found that it's HER2-negative, which is a good thing. The plan is that I will have 4 cycles (3 weeks apart) of one drug, then 4 cycles of another. Then surgery in the spring, followed by radiation.

Photo by Bent Objects
I am still trying to wrap my head around this! It's only been 15 days. I know I can do this. I'm one tough cookie but sometimes feel like I'm falling to pieces. My sister Carol has been here for me, giving me strength and courage. She says I need to walk through the fear and get to the other side.

I've noticed that those required hugs I get each day actually pat most of the crumbs back into place and help me hold myself together.