Sunday, December 2, 2012

Catching Up
On Friday I worked half a day and was glad to get out of there! Not because I hate my job (I love teaching) - because the scarf wouldn't stay on my head! Before my doctor's appointment I stopped by a cancer resource agency, to see if they might have some type of cap that would grip these slippery scarves. They took me to the wig room and showed me several plastic containers with knitted hats and said I could look through those and take whatever I wanted - it was free! Remember, if it sounds too good to be true..... They practically had me in a headlock and said I could have that adorable knitted hat that I picked out if I completed a small survey for them. I sighed and said, "Sure."
On the second side of the form there was some legal jargon about getting permission from my doctor before starting any of their physical activity programs, etc. I handed her the form and said I didn't need to sign it because I wasn't joining any programs. She said I needed to sign it as a formality, that these surveys are used to gather information to write grants. And if I came back to the facility in the future this form would be on file. I sighed again and said "Okay." I then asked if there were any other places that might have a cap to wear with scarves. She gave me directions to a wig shop around the corner.
I don't even want to go into the condescending tone I had to deal with. The clerk suggested that I use double sided tape to hold my scarf in place! I tried on some hats and she finally said, "We have some tape you could try." Then proceeded to cut two pieces which I stuck to my forehead and secured the scarf. I said, "I'd like a roll of that."
The clerk said, "I don't have a roll but can sell you some."
"Great. And I'll buy this terry night cap."
"That will be $19.38."
The tape bothered me all afternoon. When I got home I took it off along with some of what little hair I had.
I was going to decorate the Bingo hall for our Holiday Pancake Breakfast that night and put on a cotton scarf which stayed on much better. I wore another cotton scarf to the event on Saturday and had no problem with losing the head gear.

I searched a couple of online stores for chemo patients today and ordered 3 different caps, hats and cotton scarves. Problem solved!
I told Richard this can be my birthday present. I will let you know how the caps work with all the silky scarves my sister gave me.