Saturday, December 15, 2012


I've been nauseous for over 24 hours and have tried everything. The kitchen counter looks like a pharmacy. On Friday Richard and Tommy went out for the evening and dinner was on our own. I was craving some good old comfort food, Stouffer's Mac and Cheese. I thought I was just hungry and the queasy feeling would go away. You guessed it...about 30 minutes later I was hugging the porcelain.  Katie came running to the door and in between heaving I answered her questions. Yes, I was fine. No, don't call your Dad. And then she asked a question for which I had no answer.  "Do you need me to hold your hair back?"  It was priceless!

Today I went to Elegant Essentials with my sister. It's a beautiful boutique for women after breast surgery. Her insurance paid for 5 bras and will replace them once per year for life. I bought this cap with hair attached. It made my neck feel so warm. 

What do you think?