Sunday, January 13, 2013


I've been able to shake the emotional and physical fatigue from the hospital stay last week. I was determined to make progress on some housekeeping chores and had a very productive weekend!

Katie helped me sort tons of laundry Friday evening and got a couple of loads started. Then we put away my summer shirts and discovered winter pajamas tucked away in the closet! My mom sent over a package of plastic shower curtain hangers and we made this scarf organizer. Matching my outfits each day will be much easier.

The next morning I felt rested and decided to return a couple of Christmas items. Katie and I shopped at four stores and had a nice lunch at Olive Garden. We returned home after six hours and she's the one who needed a nap!

Richard worked diligently on finishing the laundry. My Superman!

I got up early today and tackled the dust bunnies while the scrubbing bubbles went crazy in the bathroom. I'm so grateful for my family's support and now feel ready to begin another hectic work-week.