Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sharing the Love

Do you need any love today?
spice4living - registered TM
When Tommy was 5 years old we traveled to a darling little resort town in Eureka Springs, AK with some friends where I found this can of love, or rather, it found me. It has always remained full of love no matter how much or how often I used it.
I sprinkled it in Tommy's cereal and Richard's tea. I added it to most recipes. I gave the kids a spoonful if they were ill or would just pour it on their tongue when they were sad.  I sprinkled it on skinned knees and boo-boos.  We passed it around the table with the salt and pepper at family gatherings. It has become a permanent fixture in our home.
For years I tried to find the company behind this ingenious product. I wanted to sell them on my recipe site so more families could enjoy this wonderful tradition. I finally found the owner and it was like finding a friend. One day I was ordering a shipment and told Peggy about my new journey and what had happened at the first chemo treatment.  I overheard bits of a conversation with the patient next to me. A nurse summoned a social worker who asked if there was a family member or friend available to pick her up. The patient just stayed in a fetal position and kept saying that there was no one.  I got distracted with everything they were doing to me and lost tract of the elderly woman but worried about her for days. How was she going to take care of herself, stay hydrated,  keep up with the meds and get food? Peggy said it sounded like that woman needed a can of love. She takes cans of love everywhere because she usually runs into someone who needs it. What a brilliant idea!
Now I'm sharing the love with family and friends, teachers and students, nurses and doctors; people who give to others and may need replenished. Some look inside the empty can and will say they don't see anything. I just remind them that you can't see love and that the more you use the more you will have available. You can never use too much and will never run out of love.  It makes everything taste better and people feel better. It's truly magical!
Everything happens for a reason. Don't you agree?
Buying that can of love in Arkansas 17 years ago, getting cancer, finding Peggy -