Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Peach Fuzz

Guess what? I will be finished with my chemo treatments in 3 weeks! Number 7 tomorrow and number 8 on April 11th!

Guess what else? I have peach fuzz on my head! Lots of tiny blond (grey?) hairs all over my head.
I am looking forward to getting my hair back and won't miss these scarves. Sometimes I wish I would have opted for the wig in the beginning.
A couple weeks ago an unfamiliar student said, "I like your scarf. Hey, are you sick?"
Well, I felt great at the moment but realized the scarf symbolized something was seriously wrong. I don't want to be thought of as being "sick" but this is breast cancer, after all.

With every phase of my sister's cancer journey, I would cringe and repeat over and over, "OMG!  I could never do that!"
Never, ever, say never...

Follow these steps if you'd like to walk a mile in my shoes scarf.

  1. You will need a scarf and a scrunchie. If you don't have a square one, use a rectangle and fold it in half to make a square.
  2. Fold into a triangle.
  3. Wet your hair and comb it back behind your ears. If it's on your neck or longer, pin it up, leave it wet.
  4. Place the scarf on your head, pull it in the back and tie with the scrunchie like a pony-tail. Make sure the scarf is pulled down to the middle of your forehead and over your ears.
If my sister had asked me to try this I would have lasted 2 minutes, then I would have ripped the scarf off and immediately dried my hair.  

Are you going to try this?
Let me know what you think about this experiment.