Monday, March 4, 2013

Under the Influence

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I shouldn't be operating machinery while under the influence so forgive me for all that will be wrong with this attempt at writing a post.
As promised, the pain finally came on Sunday. I felt like I was getting the flu; achy, then warm. My temperature inched up as the day turned to night and as the story goes, we called the doctor when it reached 101.1. I was having the same abdominal cramps as last chemo and figured the bladder infection was back. The doc-on-call told Richard that the antibiotic I received three weeks ago was not appropriate for a woman with breast cancer. WTF!
The new prescription caused nausea and vomiting. Not easy to do when your legs feel like they are on backwards. It was the strangest sensation.
I was rocking and rolling back and forth from the bone-crushing pain until the meds kicked in last night. As the dose wore off at 5:00 this morning, I laid in bed, trying to find just one bone in my body that did not feel like it was being pounded with a hammer. Nope, all 206 bones were hurting.
Today I went in for IV fluid and the Neulasta shot. I can't imagine adding more bone pain from the shot to what I already have. Note to self, take the drugs.

Another note to self: This too shall pass.