Monday, April 29, 2013

Goldilocks and the Three Bras

Once upon a time there was a girl who lived on a beautiful culdesac with a small forest in her backyard.  She had breast cancer and lost her brown hair during chemotherapy. The following Spring her hair started growing back but was blond and curly, so her family called her Goldilocks.
One day she went to the hospital to remove the wicked cancer of the breast. When she awoke she was given a surgical bra to support her broken boob. She was instructed to wear it 23.75 hours per day. It was very scratchy and the front Velcro closure poked her delicate skin.
The next day Goldilocks remove the surgical bra to check out her new body. She noticed the scratches on her skin from the Velcro so she decided to wear a new bra she'd bought for this special occasion.  She immediately felt better and thought it was a good choice. But as the day wore on, the bra wore on her. By morning she just had to take it off.  There was no way she could wear it for 23.75 hours a day. Hmmm. That must be why it was called an 18 Hour Bra.
Goldilocks missed her old Genie Bra but thought it might not be supportive enough for her broken boob. She decided to try it anyway. The Genie Bra magically conformed to her body, just like before. It wasn't too scratchy, it wasn't too tight, it was just right. Read reviews from other breast surgery customers.
Today Goldilocks didn't take any pain medication because she wanted to see if her broken boob would really hurt. It's kind of numb because several nerves were cut under her arm so she did pretty well.
Tomorrow she will visit the surgeon and Thursday she will visit the oncologist to plan the next step.
Eventually, Goldilocks will live happily ever after.