Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My Quilt of Hope

 A few months before I was diagnosed with BC (breast cancer) I had purchased a beautiful new Baby Lock embroidery sewing machine. I enjoyed making warm flannel quilts for my family for any occasion. But when I got sick I didn't have the stamina to sew and really missed it.

While I was in the final stretch with radiation last summer I began thinking about a Quilt of Hope. I decided it was finally time to make one for myself. I found a beautiful pink ribbon embroidery design and began planning around that theme. After Christmas I had all the fabric and began cutting and piecing my Quilt of Hope.

Spoiler Alert: I'm Fine!

By the end of January I was almost finished with my quilt when I had my post-treatment mammogram. I sat, waiting for quite awhile, then was taken to the radiologist's office.
The first time I met Dr. Davis was 14 months ago when I was diagnosed. It was deja vu all over again and I wanted to run. She showed me where the tumor used to be and then zoomed in on these specks that looked like salt. She explained that they weren't there 14 months ago, nor where they there at the time of surgery 9 months ago. She wanted to schedule a biopsy for the following day on Friday, January 31st.

Last weekend was surreal. I didn't want to tell anyone because I had put so many people through hell by sharing my journey the first time. I finally told my children but couldn't bring myself to tell my parents. They have been through so much and I just didn't want to worry them. I couldn't do any heavy lifting so didn't work on my quilt. But I started doing a lot of "Stress Baking" and trying out recipes just to get my mind off the biopsy.

The doctors office called me four days later and said "everything is fine"! The 6 spots were calcium deposits formed during radiation. My boob is broken again. Bruised but healing well.

When I got home from work that day, I finished my quilt and slept peacefully that night. I will always have Hope.