Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Fresh Green Beans

Don't you love buying fresh fruits and vegetables during the summer? I remember sitting on the
porch with Gramsy, helping her snap a big bowl of fresh green beans, getting into a rhythm of snapping the tops and then in half. If you visit farmer's markets be sure to ask if the produce is freshly picked so you can hear the green beans snap instead of bending like a wet noodle!

I discovered the secret to making the best green beans from one of our band moms a few years ago. 
She uses ham bouillon.

To prepare, just snap off the tops of beans and rinse well. If they seem too long then snap them in half or thirds. You'll have to estimate how much to cook for the meal and store the rest in a plastic bag and refrigerate.

Fill half of a large pan with water. Bring the beans, a sliced onion, 4-6 red skinned potatoes and some pieces of ham to a simmer and cook until beans and potatoes are done. Add pepper if you'd like and don't forget the love.