Monday, December 27, 2010

Crumb Cake

Gramsy is surprised with a Crumb Cake, 1995
Crumb Cake goes back as far as I can remember. Every year when my mother asked what I wanted for my birthday dinner it was always the same, "Spaghetti and a Crumb Cake". This past July Ginger brought a Crumb Cake to the Landon Reunion in Prospect. It had a different appearance, was darker on top, was the height of a normal cake and was so moist. For several years my father requested a Crumb Cake for his birthday and I'd just given up trying to get my cake not to fall. Dad even had me call Aunt Midge for her recipe, which was different than mine.  And then Aunt Becky called me in November to compare my recipe with hers. I suggested she check with Ginger.

Well, last week I was going through an old cookbook of my Mom's (a whole other story) and found THE Crumb Cake recipe. You know what they say about things getting lost in translation...The first thing I noticed was that this calls for a 9 x 9 pan. I'm so perplexed, but can't wait to try this recipe!

Hey Ginger, tell me about your recipe.