Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Hands of Time

Have you ever looked at your hands and thought about everything they can do? When I saw this photo of my hands shaping the cookie dough, I thought about all of the DNA that trickled down to little old me.
My father developed a list of our great-grandmothers as far back as we know; the women who were daughters and sisters and who married the Landon and Saum sons. They combined their skills with a whole new set of in-laws.
These are the women who nurtured and raised our ancestors for over three centuries, while passing along their own kitchen legacies.

1684, Nathan Landon married Hannah Bishop
1701 James Landon married Nancy Vaile
1718 Daniel Landon married Dorothy Elliott Holdridge
1747 William Landon married Mercy
1773 James S Landon married Elizabeth
1809 Samuel Landon married Elizabeth Gardner
1838 Cyrene Landon married Mary Waters
1850 Hamilton Landon married Cordilia Brown
1893 Henry Landon married Laura Travis
1928 Ray Landon married Carol Saum
1893 John Lincoln Saum married Mary Rosa McClaskey
1887 Henry Saum married Jennie Potts
1875 Henry Saum married Jemima Bell
1853 Henry Saum married Rebecca Clendening
1813 Adam Saum married Margaret Miller
1784 Nicholas Saum married Mary Ann Shaver
1781 Nicholas Saum married Margaret Helmic

Ray & Carol Landon
Mary Rose & John Saum
Henry & Laura Landon