Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mom's Cookbooks

The Modern Encyclopedia of Cooking by Meta Given
My mom, Sharon Shockey, loves to look at cookbooks. She has a few, checks them out of the library and searches the web for recipes. But there are two cookbooks that are very special to her. Many years ago, when she married my father in 1957, Rebecca Landon Maggs gave her a set of cookbooks for a wedding present. Mom has said many times that she didn't know how to cook and that Gramsy taught her.  The reason these particular cookbooks are so special is because Gramsy went through the recipes and made notations in pencil. Over the years the binding came apart, the green covers fell off and were lost and several pages are missing. We had quite a time trying to find the title and author but I finally found this set on the Internet.  I scanned several recipes which include Gramsy's hand-written notes for Mom to follow.