Sunday, July 1, 2012

West Virginia Coney Sauce

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I got this recipe from Pat and Dena Taylor from Charleston WV. She got it out of there church lady’s cookbook.

1# Hamburg
1-medium onion/finely chopped
1-6oz can HUNTS tomato paste.
3-cans water ( use the tomatoes paste can)
½ cup Catsup
1-tsp vinegar
1-tsp salt
1-1/2-tbsp chili powder ( may want to start with less)

Do not brown meat, but combine all ingredients. Adding one can of water at a time. Cook slowly 1- ½ hours stirring often. Sprinkle love before serving.

I put all the water in when I start and if it needs some more I add it. Depending on the strength of the chili powder I start with at least the minimum amount of three cans (18oz). Dena said that there is something in the HUNTS brand that gives it a better flavor, so I use that. The thing about this recipe is that it requires constant attention stirring or it will burn.

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Submitted by Richard Hickman