Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Cherished Gift

August 5, 1988
Do you still have and use one of your wedding gifts? Or has it been so long that you barely remember? Today is our 24th wedding anniversary and it honestly feels like we got married only a few weeks ago.
But we have two wonderful children and are on our third cat. Yesterday Katie worked at a car wash to raise money for tennis uniforms. We sent the red bucket, bottle of detergent, sponges and three towels. When I picked her up I was most concerned with recovering the old peach towel from the set Aunt Midge gave us for a wedding gift. Remember when peach was the trend for home decor? Even our wedding theme was peach.
My younger sister, Cathy, gave us this large blue roaster as a wedding gift and every time I use it I think of her. She's been gone for almost five years now and I miss her terribly. I like using this oval pan to boil spaghetti. It's very practical, just like Cathy. To me, this roaster represents the strength and durability of our marriage. It's dependable, just like Richard. It's well constructed, just like this home we built 19 years ago.  In fact, today were are taping the woodwork and preparing to paint the family room before the new furniture arrives this week. I think I will thaw a package of homemade sauce and make spaghetti for dinner, sprinkled with love, of course!

Recipe For A Happy Marriage Poem by Annie Valle
4 cups of Love
2 cups of Loyalty
Dash of Faith
3 cups of Kindness
4 cups of Understanding
1 cup of Friendship
5 spoonfuls of Hope
1 barrel of Laughter
Pinch of Forgiveness (no substitutions)
Dash of Thoughtfulness (not optional)
Take love and loyalty and mix thoroughly with faith.
Blend in kindness and understanding, add friendship and hope.
Sprinkle abundantly with laughter. Garnish with forgiveness and thoughtfulness.
Bake with sunshine.

Serve daily with generous helpings.