Thursday, November 29, 2012

It's Only Hair - Part 3

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This morning I was losing lots of hair so I decided to get it cut. I grabbed a scarf  on my way out the door and got in touch with Kristen, the cosmetology teacher, as soon as I got to school. I told her I had a "teachable moment" for her students and wondered if they would cut my hair. She was happy to do this for me and we arranged to get together at 1:00. When I got to my classroom I realized I didn't have a camera. So I called Jennifer, the journalism teacher to see if they had a camera and needed a story idea. Of course!

At 1:00 I arrived at the Tiger Salon and there was a student waiting with a typed list of questions and a camera. We chatted for a few minutes while they were getting ready for me. When I got in the chair I asked if we could brush my hair to see if it should be cut in a cute short style or cut really short (there is a difference). Lots of hair was come out. I reached up to check it myself and clumps kept appearing between my fingers. I cried. The teacher took the lead and consoled me. She then asked if I wanted to make the first cut myself, so I could be more in control. For some reason, I smiled and that was all it took. I made about 3 passes and then let the Allison take over.

This is before the cut

I cringed as I made the first buzz through my hair.
The journalism teacher held my hand. It's the first time I've ever
really talked to her. She was so nice.

Allison seemed like a pro with the clippers
I'm actually smiling at my new look!

Allison watched some You Tube Videos to prepare for
"this special client" and arranged the scarf perfectly.

I will always remember this day for many reasons. But more importantly, the students have experienced a life lesson.   I love my new look!