Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It's Only Hair - Part 2

So, this morning my hair started falling out! I know! Right?
Not all at once, just a few strands at a time.
When I got to school I looked up from my desk and saw this sign I have in my classroom:

I decided that I shouldn't be pouting about losing my hair. I'm lucky because it will grow back and be even more beautiful like Carol's. 

I heard from many of you today, received extra hugs because I needed them and again I counted my blessings.

At a meeting this evening my friends suggested that I try out the scarves before I need them. When I got home I decided to brush my hair to see what would happen. No surprise - it's still falling out.

So, I finally looked in the bag of scarves my sister brought over and watched some great You Tube videos on how to tie scarves.

I'm going to be fine!