Tuesday, November 27, 2012

It's Only Hair

Yesterday, Doc Esther asked me if I got my wig yet. I told her I wasn't going to wear one. I thought I should try to be like all the other club members, many who have told me that having no hair was liberating.
Thanksgiving - Day 6 after chemo.
Felt bad but hair looked good
It's been 11 days since my first chemo and I still have hair. I think it's getting thinner but I'm not finding clumps anywhere.

I have to be honest with you...the hair loss....it scares me the most.

I have been obsessed with my hair for my whole life. Just ask any hair stylist in Summit county who has had to deal with me. Ask my current stylist-former student- adopted daughter-Lora about that time I came to her Beauty school class for a cut and insisted on the "Diane Keaton" look from the movie Something's Gotta Give.  I would take several years worth of school photos to Lora, pleading with her, to make me look the way I use to. LOL.
My husband will tell you that for the 26 years he's known me I have never come home from a hair appointment without going straight upstairs to re-work the hair.

Soon, any day now, I won't have any hair. I'm afraid of how I will look. I won't even recognize myself.

My sister pulled off the scarf-look beautifully. And even without anything on her head she was confident. I would reach up and touch her smooth, perfectly round head, rubbing it like a Buddha belly. She bought fabric and I bought a new serger machine to make several scarves for her.

I found a bag by the front door after Thanksgiving, looked on top and saw the familiar fabric. She is passing them back to me to use.

I might chicken out and go get a wig. I'm just sayin...