Monday, November 26, 2012

My Doc is a Rock Star

Dr. Esther Rehmus
When Doc Esther stepped into my suite during my first chemo I picked up a little notebook and pen, handed it to her and said, "Can I have your autograph? You must be a rock star because when I mention your name everyone knows you!" She laughed and said, "that's a new one", as she scribbled her name.

Case in point: This morning I had an appointment with a doctor (about acid reflux) and when he asked who my other doctors were I opened my binder to the first page and said, "This is my team." He was impressed that I had an actual list and told me that Esther was the best. (more about that binder in another post).

This afternoon I had my 10 day checkup with Doc Esther and brought a list of questions (in that same little notebook she autographed).

  1. What about this lump on the arch of my foot? Doc - "Can you walk? We can't do any surgery on your foot while on chemo. Cute shoes, by the way."
  2. This rash on my chest? Doc - "That's a skin irritation because you have no immunity. Keep it clean."
  3. Will I be in pain like my sister, Carol? Doc - "Most chemos don't cause pain. If you ever need Neulasta then you may feel more achy"
  4. Should I stop getting my nails done? Doc - "No. They are fine and look nice."
  5. What about this taste in my mouth? Doc - "Try lemon drops."

See what I mean? My Doc Rocks!

The best news is that the auxiliary node under my arm decreased in size so chemo is working!

Bad white blood count is lower than it should be so I will be getting a shot of Neulasta 24 hours after the next chemo. (see above question #3)

They also scheduled the next two treatments for December 6th and 27th. I am going to get the "working woman's special" now. I will have chemo on Thursday's so I can potentially make it to work on Friday and then recover during the weekend. I saw this first hand with my sister so I know the drill.