Thursday, January 3, 2013


It's been a week since chemo#3 and somehow all the plans I made to make this better backfired. I was getting worse by the day and called Doc this morning. I lost weight (absolutely forbidden in  chemo-land), couldn't walk without panting like a sick dog and would collapse at the drop of a hat. Doc gave me the eyeball test, ( said I looked like hell.) And then admitted me to the hospital for some fluid and antibiotics. That's when the adventure really began. They put me in the urology unit at 1:30. Because my husband  kept making calls, I finally got an IV at 5:30.  Tommy and Katie came to visit just in time to help me move to the oncology wing where I am being well cared for. I will probably go home tomorrow after Doc gives me the thumbs up. Thanks for all the hugs and prayers.