Friday, January 4, 2013

A Quart Low

This morning Doc Esther said I need to stay in the hospital another day and promised I could go home "this weekend". White blood count and blood pressure are too low so I am still receiving fluids this evening. My engine should be all tuned up and ready to go before long.

Remember  when I called myself a light weight and cheap date? Apparently alcohol isn't the only thing I metabolize differently. Doc said we will need to cut back on the chemo drugs by 20 %. I know!  I was alarmed also! I asked, "Will I need an additional dose?" No, I won't need an extra session and it will still be as powerful. Good!

My sister came up with a brilliant idea. I should think about my situation like I did when I was pregnant; pack  a bag just in case because I'll never know when I might go in the hospital unexpectedly. I called my daughter this morning with another list of "essentials" and Uncle Matt brought her to the hospital. We had a nice visit and when they left I had several things to occupy my time. (of which I seem to have tons).
When I go home I'm going to pack a bag of items that I won't miss; socks, under clothes, travel size grooming products, crafts. I will also put together a list of other items that my family can gather for me; medical binder, computer, phone charger. This way no one has to make an extra trip to bring items.

I honestly did not sleep last night and now I am struggling to keep my eyes open. Thank you Kriss, Linda, Jody and Vada for sending me special hugs. You can't imagine how much it really helps.

I am fighting like a girl - and this girl is going to get her beauty sleep! Good Night!