Saturday, January 5, 2013

Just Kidding

Guess what I had for dinner?
The doc-on-call decided to torture me with hospital food a while longer. Looks like I will make my escape on Monday. The highlight of my day was my sister's visit, complete with a Frappe and french fries. Then my kids and husband for a couple more hours of family fun. They cracked me up!

Here is something else that cracked me up and thought I'd share. Housekeeping stopped by just as I was getting off the phone. She wanted to engage in some light conversation.
HK: "That sure is a big phone."
ME: "Yeah, my family just got it for me."
HK: "Well, it looks kinda funny holdin' a mini laptop up to your face like that."
ME: "Yeah, but my vision is getting worse and now I can see the screen."
HK: "I don't think I would buy one of those."
ME: "Well, my fingers were going numb and now I can text with the larger screen." (trying to defend my new phone as she pushes the mop into the bathroom.)

Housekeeping came back and continued to engage in more light conversation.
HK: "Well, look at this blanket! It sure is pretty and so soft."
ME: "Thanks, a neighbor girl made it for me."
HK: "You must really like pink. This blanket, that bag, your socks!"
I adjusted the scarf on my head. " Yeah, well now that I'm in the Breast Cancer Club it's my favorite color."
HK: "Ohhhhhh...."