Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Allergic to Poison

Look, I still have some eyelashes!
It seems that I'm allergic to poison! I like to think of chemo drugs as medicine but they are actually poisons.

I took a photo of my eyes this afternoon. The welt under my right eye doesn't show up but it's there. My chest is red with bumps that feel like the surface of bubble wrap. My lips are numb and swollen and my mouth feels like I rinsed with Novocaine  Both index fingers feel like I have clothes pins clamped on the tips. Not painful, just numb.

Docs office suggested that I try Benadryl. By the time Carol stopped over after work I was loopy but the pain in my bones and muscles also returned. Doc Carol told me I need to give myself permission to use the drugs available to make myself comfortable. I shouldn't suffer through the affects of fighting this cancer. So I'm back on pain meds.

I plan on going to work tomorrow. I need to save most of my sick days for May when I have surgery. I will just have to deal with this the best I can at school. Besides, the distraction will be good for me.