Monday, February 11, 2013

What's That Sloshing Sound?

Oh, ummm, must be me...

Let me give you a brief summary of the past 4 days.

Friday I woke up energized after only 4 hours of sleep. I hadn't felt that good in months and was thinking I loved the affects of Taxotere and steroids  My cousin Dana warned me about crashing after the steroids wore off. We went back in for 2 liters of fluid and the Neulasta shot that afternoon.

Saturday morning I awoke with a sharp lower abdominal pain. My hands and face were also swollen. It was such a hectic day for Katie taking the ACT, decorating for the Winter Formal and getting ready for the dance. My sister, Carol came over to keep me company and took photos of Katie's friends along with several other parents. I could hardly move by the time everyone left at 5:00. I spent a couple hours on the couch with a heating pad on my tummy. My whole body started aching and I had chills with a fever. Our neighbor is a nurse at the chemo treatment center and she came over to assess the situation. We went to emergency and finally after 6 hours, another liter of fluid and meds for a bladder infection and pain we were released. Got in bed at 2:30 am, which was actually Sunday.

Woke up at 7:30 Sunday in lots of pain and had a fever most of the day. I swear I thought I was in labor AND and had been hit by a mac truck! The pain meds just knocked me out each time.

Monday. The fever finally broke and was normal this morning. We were instructed to contact my doctor. I was feeling out of breath and weak so Doc wanted to see me. I was dehydrated AGAIN and needed 2 more liters of fluid. When we left the facility at 4:30 this afternoon I could actually hear myself sloshing!

Excuse me. I need to get the heating pad again. BTW Heather, thanks for sending me a very useful gift!

Side effect of Taxotere - fluid retention! 
Gosh darn it! I'm never going to fit into my work clothes!