Thursday, February 28, 2013

Eyes Wide Open

I've been reading studying this new book about the affects of diet and lifestyle on cancer cells. It's fascinating and I'm already implementing the healthy food. Nutrition has always been a part of my background as an FCS teacher and so has cooking, but now I understand the affects of food on a molecular level. 

Here's the problem. I bought all of this fresh produce at Kreiger's this week. Cabbage, leeks, garlic, brussel sprouts, green beans, sweet potatoes,  cauliflower, turmeric  flax-seed  The other night I made sweet potato oven fries sprinkled with turmeric  I lost the peeler and almost slit my wrist using a knife. Then Richard had to slice them because I had no strength to cut the sweet potatoes into fries. Tonight is a fundraiser for the band at Hardee's, then interim pick-up at the high school. So the veggies won't be used and tomorrow neither of us will have the energy to cook anything after chemo. 

I thought all of this fresh, organic food was healthy but my friend Jane, a dietitian,  pointed out that it might be organic but it's not free from bacteria and organisms. (think fresh spinach and salmonella). She  suggested buying frozen food because it's cleaned and flash frozen straight from the field, retaining more nutrients. I'm not sure where most of this produce came from but I'm sure it wasn't grown in Ohio - not in February. A Neutropenic Diet is what I should be following. 

This is what I learned from the research outlined in this book:

  1. If I can lower the level of inflammation markers I will be twice as likely to survive, page 45-47
  2. If I don't eat sugar or white flour I won't provide insulin to help cancer cells grow, page 67-70
  3. If I eat meat and dairy products from animals which consumed grass instead of corn and soy, I can balance my intake of Omega 3 & 6, reducing the stimulation in tumor growth, page 73-80
  4. If I eat Turmeric it will force cancer cells to die, page 114
  5. If I consume Asian mushrooms it will stop cancer growth, page 117
  6. If I consume fragrant herbs (mint, thyme, marjoram, basil and rosemary) I can reduce the spread of cancer cells by provoking their death page 120
  7. If I consume olive oil it will slow the progression of cancer, page 112
  8. If I eat garlic, onions, leeks and shallots it will promote cell death of breast cancer, page 136
  9. If I overcome traumatic life events and rid myself of helplessness the cancer markers in my blood can return to a normal level, page 153-161, 178
  10. If I get 3 weekly, 30 minute massages per week it will slow the production of stress hormones and increase the number of NK (natural killer) cells of my immune system, page 196
  11. If I practice relaxation through yoga/meditation I can have a 56% lower mortality risk, page 161-174, 184
  12. If I walk 3-5 hours per week I will increase my MET to a level that stimulate defense mechanisms to fight breast cancer, page 19
  13. If I eat cruciform vegetables it will promote the suicide of cancer cells, page 135
  14. If I eat vegetables  rich in carotene (carrots, yams, sweet potatoes, squash, pumpkins, tomatoes, beets) I can live longer than if I don't eat these items, page 136
  15. If I eat citrus fruits they will stimulate the detoxification of carcinogenics by my liver, page 139
  16. If I eat dark chocolate (70% cocoa) the molecules slow the growth of cancer cells, page 140
  17. If I consume Omega-3 from flax-seed,  nuts and canola oil I will have a significantly lower risk of developing metastatic tumors, page 143
  18. If I drink 3 cups of green tea daily I may decrease my chance of relapse  by 57% , page 111

I know, all things in moderation;
except for this last one.

19.  If I have a network of 10 or more friends, I will quadruple my chance of surviving this breast cancer, page 179