Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Girl Talk

I'm generally a very optimistic, happy-go-lucky person but last weekend my mind wander into dark places and it took awhile to find my way out. It was scary and I cried a lot.
The next day at my follow-up appointment Doc entered the room and asked, "What can I help you with today?"
I stammered and stuttered, "I"m worried."
She leaned against the counter and folded her arms. "Did I ever tell you about when I was in training?"
I shook my head, "no".
She continued, "How often do you think I did self-breast exams."
I had no idea and shrugged.
"Every 10 minutes!" She reached for her breast, "I was always checking myself! I finally got a mammogram  and convinced a surgeon to see if I had a lump. I was only 33. I didn't have breast cancer and haven't, but I can imagine how paranoid it must make you feel." I nodded in agreement.
Doc continued, "Some cancer cells behave and others are aggressive. Yours is a 4 on a scale of 10. I'm planning on firing you in 5 years."
I smiled and said, "Okay. I'm looking forward to being fired then."

The Exam
I showed Doc the photo of my swollen face and welts right after the last treatment. I told her how my throat had hurt and I couldn't swallow (an ulcer from the chemo). She checked the open sores on my chest and back, then announced, "We are changing the chemo drug to Taxol. The side effects will get worse each time with Taxotere." And added,  "Then you'll really be mad at me!"
Taxol is from the same family and is just as effective but the SE will be easier. She checked the lump and declared that she'd have a hard time finding it if she didn't know where to look. Excellent news!
When I thanked her for taking time for me, she said, "Oh, you're welcome. I could tell you needed it today."
Like I said before, my Doc rocks!