Monday, April 8, 2013

Angels Make Me Smile

Somebody loves me! Today I received my 4th Angel from a Secret Angel Stitcher in Colorado. These are delicate lace angels, machine embroidered in many different colors.  Each angel I've received came with a card and nice note from the sender. The others are from North Carolina, Indiana and New York.  I've started hanging them across our mantel like Christmas cards!

This is a small group of women who support and encourage "others facing circumstances of physical, emotional, relational, or any kind of pain"   by making these lace angels for people nominated by loved ones.

I've been keeping my eyes, heart and mind open during this journey. I've been blessed with many skills; some have turned into hobbies. When I recover I want to give back to others. I thought about making quilts for those having chemo or teaching cancer patients how to blog. I'd definitely like to be a Secret Angel Stitcher.
I'm looking forward to checking the mail tomorrow!