Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Warp Speed

A student took this photo of me today.
I wanted to show off my beautiful new scarf
from Betty! "In it to end it!"
It's been a busy, short week but I wanted to post this update before I go to bed.  I got a call from the hospital today and my surgery is scheduled for April 25th - in 2 weeks! OMG! I thought it would be in May.
My Mom flew to South Carolina today to visit my youngest sister, Heather, for a month.
This evening we went out to dinner with my sister, Carol to celebrate her birthday and my daughter's, which is on Friday. I can't believe Katie will be 16!
I just finished going through all of our receipts from last year for taxes. I marveled at how I could look at a list of items and recognize the events for which we made those purchases.  The holiday meals, the items for Katie's trip to Chicago her freshman year, the flats of flowers, 3 tons of rocks from a gravel pit,  lunch with just me and Tommy, the Homecoming dress in October. Then things got really quite in November except for some scarves and hats ordered from catalogs.
The past 5 months went by at warp speed. I've lived by the calendar filled with appointments. Every three weeks-chemo. Ten days later, a follow-up visit. And of course, in between, I had a few glitches and needed more appointments.

Tomorrow is my 8th and final chemotherapy treatment. I'm really happy that I'm almost finished! But I will miss the nurses and all of the tlc they've provided. I will be glad to get through this part of my treatment and move on to the lumpectomy, radiation and finally, healing, both inside and out.