Friday, May 10, 2013

Team Work

Image by AnonymousArtofRevolution
I've heard that anesthesia can cause post-surgery blues. Evidently it's a problem when you cry for 3 days straight. I couldn't figure out what was going on.  But, as luck would have it, Doc Esther  wanted to see me and asked why I was feeling so sad.

  • I was having some pain after the second surgery
  • I was grieving with students over the loss of 2 babies
  • I was not sleeping 
  • Not eating
  • Not moving
  • Not meditating
She wondered if I was going to hurt myself.
"Hell No! That's the problem. I want to live!" I told her I was worried about the re-excision and hoped it worked this time. I wasn't going to find out until next week, they said it takes a week to 10 days for pathology results.  But Doc went to her computer and low and behold she found my report. She was silent for a few seconds, then declared, "The margins are negative. Everything is clear!" HAPPY DANCE! Doc said she was going to print the report and tie a red ribbon around it for me! 

She told me I need some down time for a few days. And not to go to any more funerals for awhile. She is getting things set up for radiation to start in a couple weeks. She gave me two big hugs and said she was sorry I had to go through all of this.

My surgeon called this evening as I was writing this post. She asked how I was doing. I told her about the blues and that I saw Doc Esther. I told her I heard about the clear margins and we both squealed with delight.  We talked about the pain and that I should slow down on exercising that arm for a couple days. 

I mentioned how disappointed I was that I was put to sleep way too early for this surgery. She said that one of the drugs they use to put patients to sleep causes amnesia. "So, you don't remember me standing beside you, holding your hand and talking before we put you to sleep?  I remember you said someone was sending Reiki love to you and the room." We both laughed and I told her how sweet that was of her.   She is an extraordinarily kind person. I am so blessed to have this team taking care of me.
Note to self: Give her a Can of Love at our appointment next week.