Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Ties On Towels

I've always been frustrated with the potholder method of making hanging hand towels. Usually, when you find a towel and matching pot holder you can't use the decorative side because of the way it folds and hides the design. It's also very difficult sewing through the towel and thick potholder. And then, there's the button, which doesn't really bother me, but let's just call it an issue.

I decided to make my own potholders but there were new issues: figuring out how to use the insulated batting to protect from burns, quilting the diamond pattern with precision, and applying the bias tape.

If took me about a year but I finally came up with a unique method of making a pot holder and sewing ribbons to each corner. This drapes over the appliance handles and stays secure by tying bows.

I've given several away to family and they are all delighted with their new hanging hand towels. I've made many more and opened an Etsy Shop. Please visit and let me know if you find something  you'd like in your kitchen.